Weds Wheels of Japan, A History Explained!!!!

By Nick Irie

Toyota FRS GT86 race car

Since its inception Alfa Romeo has had racing in its DNA. Winning the inaugural World Grand prix in 1925 the quadrifoglio has been synonymous with competition and technology. Weds Co., manufacturer of our Weds Sport RN-05M have roots at a high level of motorsports in Japan, namely JGTC and Super GT.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Weds was originally established in 1965 as an OEM supplier for Nissan then later ventured into the aftermarket industry. Setting manufacturing standards in their field they created the worlds first 3 piece forged wheel in 1977.

Establishing a successful Motorsport program in Super GT with Racing Project Bandoh and Toyota Weds Wheels have years of R&D from racing technology into their consumer product lines.

toyota gt300 race car

 A century in the making, we now have the marriage of Itailian beauty with Japanese engineering in the Weds Sport RN-05M for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. Designed to enhance the 50/50 weight distribution of the Giorgio Chassis the squared 18x9 track set up creates the perfect driving experience for the Alfa Romeo. For purchase contact any of our dealers or visit our product page directly here:

toyota gt300 race car