Aspira Auto Design Tesla Model 3/Y wheel spacer

By Nick Irie

Aspira Auto Design Tesla Model 3/Y wheel spacer

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Aspira Auto Design Tesla Model 3/Y wheel spacer.

Since the dawn of the motorcar we have been modifying and racing the automobile. Whether to enhance a vehicle's aesthetics or improve performance we have sought to personalize our transport. Wheels have the ability to transform a car and create emotion moving or not. Our dynamic solution to that transformation is the Aspira bolt-on wheel spacer.

Wheel spacers improve the look and dynamics of your stock wheels without breaking the bank or sacrificing safety. Aspira Auto Design wheel spacers are made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy which is light weight and strong. Each unit is precision machined to exact tolerances which allows you to safely widen your vehicles track and maintaining exceptional wheel balance.



We have collected data on the numerous OEM Model 3 (TM3) wheels and have documented fitment and offset details below.


The Performance spec (P3D) Model 3 comes with a multi disc brake rotor package and has a slightly longer wheel stud which in turn requires a minimum 20mm spacer to properly mount. Shown below is the longer P3D stud with our Aspira spacer protruding though the mounting packet. As detailed in the chart above a minimum 20mm spacer is required to properly clear the OEM stud within the inner pocket of the wheel.