Stud Conversion Install Guide

Alfa Romeo Stud Conversion Installation guide

This tutorial will give you a basic step-by-step guide to help install our wheel spacer & stud conversion onto your Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio. The general procedures follow those of a simple tire change.


  1. 17mm socket for OEM lug bolts
  2. Two (2) 17mm Wrenches
  3. 17mm socket for aftermarket lugnuts
  4. Floor jack and jackstands


  1. On a level surface jack up the corner of the car you will be working on and make sure to secure the vehicle with a jackstand as a safety precaution. We suggest putting a jack stand under a solid member that will not move as a safety precaution.
  2. Remove factory lug bolts with 17mm socket
  3. Once removed you can clean any surface rust with a wire brush prior to installing the spacer.   If you live in an area that sees snow or salt, you should apply anti seize around the hub protrusion to prevent the spacer from getting stuck due to mineral deposits and salt mixing with moisture.
  4. We recommend applying some blue loctite onto the Aspira Auto Design studs prior to installation. This will help to ensure that the nuts do not come loose. Loctite not included.
  5. To properly install the Aspira Auto Design stud conversion follow the directions below:
    • Thread two m14x1.5 nuts onto the stud.
    • Using two wrenches tighten nuts against each other.
    • Hand tighten the short end of the stud onto the hub
    • Using a torque wrench tighten the stud to 30ft/lbs.
    • Once the stud is fully torqued remove the two nuts. Be sure to secure the outer nut and tighten the inner nut as to not loosen the stud from the hub during removal.
    • Repeat above steps for each corner.
6. Once the studs are installed you can install your Aspira Auto Design spacer and wheels. Make sure to fully torque your lugnuts to factory specs.

***Studs should be torqued to 30ft/lbs, nuts should be torqued to 100ft/lbs at all times. If lug nuts or lug studs are improperly torqued, torqued, there will be cyclic loading on the stud which will cause fatigue and potential failure.

*** Spacers are for "off road use only".