Tesla spacer compatability guide

The Aspira Auto Design Spacer compatibility guide will help determine the minimum spacer needed to mount factory Tesla Model 3/Y wheels. This guide takes into consideration functionality and not your desired "look".
***** If you are not using wheels that we have documented in our chart you will need to verify these two measurements. *****
1.  The diameter of the mating surface of the wheel as seen in the picture below.  5x114.3 PCD with a M14 stud has a minimum ID of 93mm.  Many aftermarket wheels have an OD for the mating surface that is greater than 93mm as shown below where the wheel is 100mm.  As a result the OEM studs passing through the spacer will hit the mating surface of the wheel.
2.  The next measurement is the pocket depth.  We need to make sure that whatever amount of OEM stud sticks out past the spacer will be "absorbed" by the pocket in the back of the wheel you are using.