Aspira Auto design Spacer Install guide

Aspira Auto design Spacer Install guide
This tutorial will give you a basic step-by-step guide to help install our spacers onto your model 3/Y. The general procedures follow those of a simple tire change
1. 21mm socket for OEM lugnuts
2. 10mm socket to remove oem rotor retaining bolts
3. 19mm thin wall socket for included lugnuts to secure spacer to the OEM studs
4,  Floor jack and jackstands
5.  Friend or brake pedal depressor
  1. On a level surface jack up the corner of the car you will be working on and make sure to secure the vehicle with a jackstand as a safety precaution.  Please be aware that jack pucks should be used to reference the factory jacking points.  We suggest putting a jack stand under a solid member that will not move as a safety precaution.
  2. Remove factory lugnuts with 21mm socket
  3. Once removed you will see a 10mm retaining bolt  on the rotor that will need to be removed.
  4. Once removed you can clean any surface rust with a wire brush prior to installing the spacer.   If you live in an area that sees snow or salt, you should apply anti seize around the hub protrusion to prevent the spacer from getting stuck due to mineral deposits and salt mixing with moisture.
  5. We recommend applying some blue loctite onto the factory studs prior to installing the spacer.  This will help to ensure that the nuts do not come loose.  If loctite is not available we recommend that the vehicle be driven for 100 miles and then wheels removed to retorque the lugnuts attaching the spacer to the OEM studs. Loctite not included.
  6. Once loctite is applied proceed to installing the spacer to the hub.  Once the spacer is installed you can use the supplied shallow 19mm lugnuts and tighten the spacer to the factory studs.
  7. For the front wheels you will need a friend to hold down the brakes so you can torque the 19mm shallow lugnuts.  In the rear the parking brake will prevent the wheel from spinning so this isn't an issue.
  8. Now that the spacer is installed and torqued down you can install the wheel onto the spacer and torque the lugnuts to factory specs.
  9. Repeat steps above for the other 3 corners.
*** Torque spacer to factory specs, 10 studs per corner. ***  Spacers are for "off road use only". 
*** Aspira spacers are compatible with all current Model 3 and Y vehicles including Performance models. 
If you are not using wheels that we have documented in our chart you will need to verify two measurements.
1.  The diameter of the mating surface of the wheel as seen in the picture below.  5x114.3 PCD with a M14 stud has a minimum ID of 93mm.  Many aftermarket wheels have an OD for the mating surface that is greater than 93mm as shown below where the wheel is 100mm.  As a result the OEM studs passing through the spacer will hit the mating surface of the wheel.
2.  The next measurement is the pocket depth.  We need to make sure that whatever amount of OEM stud sticks out past the spacer will be "absorbed" by the pocket in the back of the wheel you are using.